They are adequate for the type of media you will be enjoying on the Eee PC — highly compressed low bit rate audio and video. This tiny computer has been reviewed quite a bit lately in its various configurations. I was hoping support would give me some answers but they haven’t responded in two days. I have done another test yesterday. Differences between the 2G, 4G and 8G are primarily inside.

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The Device Essentials deliverable for imaging shrf includes a one page summary of observed device metrics and salient features. Lee is the founder of Pocketables.

Asus eee 2g surf is the upgradability so important? Performance in many applications will suffer as a result. While this gives a very nice — almost Apple-like — cleanliness to the design it will represent ashs challenge if you ever have occasion to open the Eee up for upgrades more on that later. The 2G ‘Surf’ model is, as the name implies, aimed aus the user who wants easy Internet features and a few popular functions.

Report Description A Product Teardown report is a detailed product disassembly analysis that examines the latest personal electronics and provides unique construction, benchmarking, and cost asus eee 2g surf in a highly-digestible and graphics-rich format.

The launch tabs can be ee by clicking the home icon on the taskbar or pressing the home key on the keyboard. I am of course referring to the Asus Eee PC. All content posted on TechnologyGuide is granted to TechnologyGuide with electronic publishing rights asus eee 2g surf perpetuity, as all content posted on this site becomes a part of the community.


Some people are squeezing old 3D games onto this device and claiming to be seeing playable frame rates. Mouse buttons Housed beneath the single strip of silver plastic below the asus eee 2g surf are the left and right mouse buttons.

Asus Eee PC 2G Surf User Review

Form factor is unchanged between the models except for the addition of VGA webcams and access panels on the more expensive versions. While the altruistic ambitions of organizations like OLPC are laudable, for many people in richer countries the introduction of small, simple to operate computers with low prices was just as interesting. Increasingly, web designers are creating pages that are wider than pixels across.

This is probably a software issue. Touchpad responsiveness The touchpad sensitivity can be customized, but I still find its tapping responsiveness and consistency questionable even when “Enable faster tapping” is checked and “Tapping time” is set to “Short” asus eee 2g surf the touchpad settings menu.

The 2G gets a mAh 4 cell unit good for a claimed 2. I run SQL injection yesterday and did not stopped at all: As mentioned in my unboxingI chose this model because it was the only one available in pink at the time pink 4G has since been released. In some asus eee 2g surf they have socketed RAM and Storage for expandability. When you asus eee 2g surf an Eee PC off the shelf at your local computer store, you will probably do a double take at the box.


Spend a asus eee 2g surf more money and you can get the Eee with an integrated webcam. Ultimately, I think the Eee PC is a really good first step. Asus have successfully created an enthusiast device that is growing a decent community. Indeed, a minority of users have found happiness using efficient operating systems on the hot hardware of yesteryear. Play view large image.

Full Product Teardown Report on the Asus Eee 2G Surf Sub-notebook

Avoid the 2G and consider the suurf and 8G variants. Spend more money and you will get a mAh rated for 3. A settings tabs holds the modest array of control panels.

The products are torn down using propietary methods developed at TechInsights to provide a disassembly report with a multi-disciplinary “system view. Screen width, in terms of usable desktop space, is a challenge. Software makers add evermore features to their products thus choking asus eee 2g surf hardware and encouraging upgrades.

I understand wee need to differentiate the product line from bottom to top, but I think this was an unfortunate decision by Asus. Why not let them have fun with it and in the process grow some loyalty.