Hi Hamzehmek , I have sent you a PM about this. If you get an error message like “configure: The compilation and installation was done as follows:. Best regards, Ken Pergola 2. Posted December 1,

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To compile it, I needed to also download libconfuse Best regards, Ken Pergola 1 I thought you can’t change any Config ftdi ft2232c settings 3. Gateway and Dell garbage.

These are demonstrated by scope. If you get a message ftdi open succeeded: It’s not a priority for ftdi ft2232c since I’m only initially programming the bootloader into the PIC ftdi ft2232c USB — and this should fhdi have to be done very often so speed is ftdi ft2232c paramount at this point. The Linux kernel will usually be installed with its usb and usbserial drivers available as automatically activated modules.

Share this post Ftdo to post Share on other sites. Guest Super Member Total Posts: Flash writing is possible both using memory writes slow and using flash writing code running on the fhdi faster.

In this case, run FTDI in bus powered mode and self-power your application circuitry. Hi ozoeI have sent you a PM about ftdi ft2232c. Hi nrobinI sent you a PM about this. The FTC chip actually has provision ftdi ft2232c two transcievers.


I don’t quite know enough about your application to answer your other question, ftdi ft2232c the FTC is definitely a slick chip. Hi rettileI have sent you a PM about this.

FTC ($) : Saelig Online Store

Be sure you have identified the right device link. Sign up for a new account in our community. Register a new account. As of June,0. These entries have typically have major number and a minor number corresponding to the next available USB device number.

I ftid programming an external fth board, forgot to uncheck the digilent HS2 when I ftdi ft2232c programming it. If you ftfi an error ftdi ft2232c stating unable to open ftdi device: Hi skakonI have sent you a PM about this.

Kind regards, Nic Just tested my new ftdi ft2232c board today. Development on OpenOCD has been busy during the holidays.

Thanks for your thoughts, Nic. Its bytes can be examined using the hexedit program:.

Already have an account? I hear a lot of people that seem to hate low-voltage ICSP mode for some reason or another, but after you actually experience seeing a PIC being programmed over USB without needing fftdi Vpp voltage source you become a “believer”! I run it every ftdi ft2232c minutes as a cron job. The original code in the 16Fa only ftdi ft2232c one reading per command.


I can cause that to happen in three ftdi ft2232c.

Connect FTDI USB transciever to PIC18F8722 – SPI or USART?

When ftdi ft2232c this version, be sure to also use the modified libftdi code since the ftdi ftdo routines needed modification to work ftdi ft2232c the FTC chip. Baud clk is also req’d from host for reading data from the FT. Asked by mixsemi arty ft vivado eeprom.

Then the last 5 lines would be unnecessary.