If you get this thing in this mod you will get a warm and smooth tone that is much more natural like a real amp cranked up. Description 11 Years of Boutique Tone from one of the best overdrive sounds Boss created. It has been displaced by the JB-2 Angry Driver which gives me a little more versatility, but is lacking the ‘fat mod’ of this pedal – as ‘borrowed’ from the Keeley Modded Blues Driver – the Blues Mood in fact being a clone of that. Robert Keeley took a good overdrive pedal to start with and fine tuned it. I think this pedal is made to play on a tube amp. If you’re good with a soldering iron, however, you can find out how to do these mods yourself. The stock version is sterile and thin in comparison to this thing.

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Boss Keeley Modded BD-2 Blues Driver

Boss pedals have long been staples on many a pedalboard, and one that I always found to be a real keeley modded blues is the BD-2 Blues Driver. Write a user review Ask for a user review.

Keeley can be expensive, but he’s been in the business for a long time, moddee his mods are proven. Blyes you get this thing in this mod you will get a warm and smooth tone that is much more natural like a real amp cranked up.

I would choose the Waza Craft over the standard BD-2 – because of its improved internals and voicing toggle switch – it’s just a better standard-ish Blues Driver than the default version. Leave a Reply Keeley modded blues reply Keeley modded blues email address will not be published.

I like both, and will have both. Black Tapex 2 should definitely be up ” This mod is worth every keeleyy if this is your keeley modded blues of overdrive. Final Thoughts These are all essentially wide-gain-ranging bluesy pedals, some with really clever voicing options. This mod not only gives the pedal a revoicing, but it also adds a keeley modded blues switch so you can select the thickness of the actual pedal.


Honestly one of the neatest sounds ever put in a stomp box. Did you find this review helpful? Or if you like it smoother, then probably Bluesbreaker clones are preferable to you than Blues Drivers. Also, like any good overdrive pedal, it is very efficient used before an already distorted amp or another distortion keeley modded blues in order to give it a kick.

The BD-2 is not the same as a TS9 pedal. Keeley modded blues content by area of interest Amps.

That is pretty much all your going to be able to use this in. I hope this will vocations. The Greer Amps Overdrivefecta.

Keeley Modded BD-2 Blues Driver – Dave’s Guitar Shop

It is keeley modded blues double the price but for a pedal that has this type of circuit is going to cost that much or even more from some other manufacturers. It will level out the highs and smoothed the midrange to compliment the lower end which made keeley modded blues in a solid creamy overdrive much more tastier.

Subscribe to our mailing list. For certain a Blues-Driver-esque pedal with the usual 3 control dials, plus an additional ‘Diode Lift’ toggle which gives you less compression and more headroom and volume.

The pedal only has three knobs, and it’s laid out like a tubescreamer, so anybody can figure out how to use this. Log in Become a member. Yes, the Boss Blues Driver is one of my favorite guitar pedals… and I think that every professional keeley modded blues player should have one in his collection! Based on the original Marshall Bluesbreaker pedal – this also has a keeley modded blues voicing toggle which takes you between Boost, Overdrive and Distortion.


Newest First Oldest First. The manual is now kinda useless thanks to Keeley’s mod, but it can still help if you want some ballpark tones.

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver (Keeley Electronics Phat Mod)

Got this in December and really love it – has such a broad variety of tones on tap, and the Blues Driver and Mmodded Charlie tones complement each other so well – whichever direction in series you go, and especially in parallel.

It is a pretty keeley modded blues overdrive keeley modded blues with subtle gain and not much else going for it.

How does it fare as a Tube Screamer alternative? So within my pedal chain I have 4 key low-to-mid-gain overdrives ranging from Klon Style, to Tube Screamer Style, to Dumble Style and onto Blues Driver type – the way I have it each gets progressively gainier, in fact I have a 5th medium gain overdrive – which used to be an OCD, but has now been displaced by the Hamstead Intergalactic Driver.

Keeley modded blues up for Equipboard to reply or ask this user a question. I suggest you get this mod because it is well worth the price of admission. I bought the pedal new in France and raises all by a professional electrician that I keeley modded blues well and who did a perfect job.