Toshiba Satellite Pro U 13,3″ Source: It’s a time-consuming hassle to remove, and it can make a laptop less stable, increasing downtime. Please refine your selection. Speaker performance on the little Satellite Pro U is rather weak, with really dinky speakers located in front of the screen hinges. Typing noise was low, and you could get away with secret ninja typing if you were careful. The overall style is carried onto the keyboard and touchpad areas with both reflecting the shape of the notebook itself. The backlight levels were even throughout the screen, without any backlight bleed showing through, even on the lower edge of the taskbar.

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The backlight levels were even throughout the screen, without any backlight bleed showing through, even on the lower edge of the taskbar. VMware Fusion satelllite First Take. It performs very well for an inexpensive small-business laptop, and towhiba “no bloatware” configuration is an attraction. This is something that should be offered across all laptops, not just small-business ones. Chicony Camera Assistant Software. If enterprise laptops are way over your budget and consumer laptops are not professional enough, a small-business laptop like the Toshiba Satellite Pro USX is a viable, in-between selection.

During normal activity the only part of the system you could hear was toshhiba hard drive. The one thing I couldn’t get past, however, was the unpleasant typing experience. Please review our terms of service to complete toshiba satellite pro u400 newsletter toshiba satellite pro u400.

Key size was perfect, with good throw lengths and smooth action. Overall, the typing experience was unpleasant.

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Toshiba Satellite Pro U400-10H

The poor viewing range was the main cause of me giving this screen an average rating instead of above average. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 review: The lid and base sections both taper and do not meet flush, making it easy toshiba satellite pro u400 prise the two sections apart. satelllite

The maximum number of products that can be compared is 4. Features like discrete graphics and a choice of screens and hard drives would have been a welcome addition to satelite U’s arsenal.

The touchpad rated average with accurate finger tracking use, but lacked many customization features I have come to expect from touchpad utilities. Under these conditions, which involved using mainstream productivity applications and some Wi-Fi-based web browsing, we got just under two hours’ life.

This is disappointing for a system designed for life on the road. Some flex is present on vast open areas like the screen cover toshiba satellite pro u400 palmrest, but it is pretty minor unless you always find yourself giving your notebook a death grip.

Also on the front is a cover for an optional infrared port — something of a rarity these days. The Pro U will probably leave most home users relatively cold, but business customers or anybody wanting a solid, XP-based option will find the notebook, with its sturdy keyboard toshiba satellite pro u400 average spec sheet, a suitable companion.

Some Satellite Pro U models have a fingerprint scanner nestling between the two mouse buttons, but toshiba satellite pro u400 was not present on our review sample. Port selection was about average for a notebook toshibx this size, although it would have been nice to see S-Video or HDMI.


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Cons Unpleasant typing experience. Toshiba’s Satellite Pro U is a reasonably portable 1. Above the screen is a 1.

Using the Memory Advisor or Scanner on Crucial. Chipset is a set of integrated circuits that have a specific purpose in a computer system, a group of microchips used together to perform a single task. Memory or DRAM is the “working” memory of the computer.

This was a good 15 minutes below the Vista equipped U we reviewed, but still respectable for a standard battery. Conclusion The Satellite Pro U has a number of strong points, including its performance, large hard drive, With room temperature at 74F, the notebook was very comfortable toshiba satellite pro u400 hold and operate.

From a design and features standpoint, the Toshiba satellite pro u400 Vostro is easier on the eyes and has a wealth of options staellite are unavailable with the U Slashgear Toshiba satellite pro u400 I enjoyed my time with the Satellite Pro D, especially because it is hard to find a laptop that is able to keep up with my ADD brain and constant multitasking! If you were looking to purchase this notebook, I might direct you to a Vista configuration of the business U, or the consumer U entirely for the tpshiba Fusion finish.

Includes a preinstalled image of select Microsoft Office suites.